Was born in Medellín, Colombia, January 22, 1992. She is an artist currently living in Miami – Florida.

Lopez is a self taught artist whose knowledge stems from constant observation and experimentation. Her work has a direct connection with nature, and for this reason each work connects organically with the world. Her speciality is abstract art and Sea representations made with Resin, however, some of her new techniques use alcohol inks and acrylic paint on canvas.

One of her main motivations is to be able to reach the hearts of people through her art but at the same time leaving the meaning of each work open to the interpretation of those who appreciate it. 

While experimenting with her creative concepts she breaks the bonds of monotony and feels the freedom that they provide, thus expanding her mind and artistic sensibilities.

The materials and techniques she uses to create her work give her the peace of mind that she needs to get through the day to day challenges of life